En esta nueva historia, situada en 1969, se nos cuenta algo del origen de Leatherface y del cambio trascendental en la alimentación de su familia: de omnívoros a caníbales. With Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III the filmmakers attempted to make the series darker and grittier (much as the film-makers of the original had intended), but interventions from the MPAA had them tone it down and change the ending. We know Leatherface's backstory deviates in certain places, depending on which films you're watching. Leatherface was a fictional character, but some of the elements from 1974's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were loosely based on true stories. Beat Cairo, logra con un potente sonido, expresar el grado de psicosis del asesino. Bienvenido Conéctate para puntuar películas, escribir críticas y mucho más. When Sally Hardesty, the final survivor out of her group of friends in the 1974 film, is tortured and taunted during "dinner" with the Sawyers, they suggest that Grandpa should be the one kill her, because he was the best worker in the old slaughterhouse. Dirigida por Jonathan Liebesman, la precuela del remake tenía todas las papeletas para ser un producto deleznable, pero el hecho de profundizar en la historia de los Hewitt (en el remake ya no son los Sawyer) funcionó para los seguidores de la saga. 7139 (TCM2 timeline) In the documentary The Shocking Truth, Tobe Hooper portrays Leatherface as a "big baby" who kills in self-defense because he feels threatened, pointing out that in the first film Leatherface is actually frightened of all the new people entering his house. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which is a direct sequel to the 1974 film, has a more over-the-top atmosphere. El primero fue terrorífico. This was due to the fact that the opening narration insinuated that the film was based on a true story and "one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history." Nubbins Sawyer, a hitchhiker, is the second oldest brother. Before joining Screen Rant, Kara served as a contributor for Movie Pilot and had work published on The Mary Sue and Reel Honey. Rick "The Prick": Mangled in a car crash (indirect murder). Leatherface's family processes the people he kills into barbecued foods and chili, which his oldest brother, Drayton Sawyer, then sells at his restaurant/gas station, the "Last Chance". As it turns out, her dad is the local sheriff, and when he arrives at the Sawyer farm, he's shocked and saddened by the scene he discovers. Hansen has stated that Leatherface is "completely under the control of his family. Hansen has stated that Leatherface is "completely under the control of his family. Como buen maestro del terror, Tobe Hooper consiguió darle una vuelta de tuerca a su idea original de 'La matanza de Texas' y convertir su primera secuela en un título de serie B puro, donde el humor negro y ambiente carnavalesco borran por completo la sensación de desasosiego que transmitía la anterior. In this film, Leatherface develops a "crush" on one of his victims, and in one scene, skins off the face of her friend (while alive) and places it on her to hide her from the rest of his family. Who he wanted to be that day determined what mask he put on," Hansen said. Whether the story starts with Leatherface as an innocent child amongst the twisted Sawyer clan, or the adopted Hewitt son who is relentlessly bullied, it always ends up going the same way for him: he reaches some breaking point, and becomes the monster we meet in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre. And we know that his masks are more than just masks. Contar con Alexandra Daddario como protagonista fue más un reclamo que otra cosa, pero cuando descubrimos que la película de John Luessenhop pretendía jugar a mostrarnos el lado tierno de Leatherface y a traer su historia hasta la actualidad mediante una serie de trucos para enraizar el film con el original, mostrándose a sí misma como "la única secuela", la decepción fue enorme. In the 2006 prequel, we see how Leatherface is raised to be a murderer by the sadistic Hewitt family. He wasn't the protagonist, but he was probably the most grotesquely fascinating figure in the film, and several subsequent movies within the franchise have explored his backstory. His relatives decide that Grandpa will kill the thief instead. They were actually the only way Leatherface could really express himself. At the end of the film, he apparently dies in an explosion after being impaled with a chainsaw in a fight with the uncle of his previous victims from the first film. "I think there was a chance Thomas' life could have been different," said Terrence Evans, who played Old Monty in the film.

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